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Top 10 Ways For Marketing Social Media App

Top 10 Ways For Marketing Social Media App


If you are android developer and want a useful platform for marketing social media app, here are top cryptocurrency wallet malaysia10 ways which will not disappoint you. Let’s start with one.

Online Marketing



Twitter is a social networking giant which provides a strong platform for marketing apps that too in professional’s style. Also, it is a free of cost deal which exposes your image as a pro developer. Getting a few words of industrial pioneer for your app will prove to be a great milestone in marketing your apps.




For an app, video is a perfect way to show how app works. There are many free sites where you can share the video made for your app. It is also considered ax a fine way of marketing social media by experts of IT industry. But, remember that video must be compatible and small enough that it loads quickly on maximum devices.

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Website costs very less. For a small 5-page website, you might need to pay small amount of your income that too on annual bases. Side by side, websites is a perfect idea to create a brand image of your website into reader’s mind. However, you might want to spend more for more professional blockchain web design site.




As creating a website with personalized domain might costs more, there is always the option for a free blog. There are various sites which offers free of cost blogging, including famous WordPress. Marketing social media apps through blogs will pull in more visitors for your app.


Promo Codes


Remember that people love to avail discounts and free coupons. This can be a most useful way for marketing your app. Just release promo codes and coupons so that you can make a way in for traffic. In starting, you might provide them small discount like $.001 on each app.

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Before trying any paid app, people commonly visit 10kb system websites that offers reviews for app. get registered for the app reviews and publish your reviews. This will not only help you to promote your site but will also let you know about modifications.




Feedbacks are a way to engage your users for your app. Using feedbacks, you boost up probability for users to come back again and promote your app by word of mouth. This can be done by free blogs or websites or by simple free forums.


Press Releases


Press Releases, or PRs, have gained popularity as the medium of promotion. These are articles written in press releases format which helps in promotion of product. Post it on the famous sites where traffic is more.


Banner Ads


It is good idea to post banner ads. Although, it might involve a few dollars, it helps to bring in the traffic drastically. Banner ads can be made using marketing social media software like Flash.




This is a very effective method of marketing social media app that too free. Sign up for Facebook account and add friends as many as you can. This will help you to gain trusted users of your app.